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Providing our clients with individualized one-on-one sports physio assessments and treatments to get you back in the game safer, ready to take on life’s challenges and unexpected surprises.

Sports injury rehabilitation helps you return to your specific sport stronger and ready to face the unexpected. From acute injury management to return-to-sport stage, being empowered with knowledge of your injury, how your body heals, strategies to help your body adapt to be stronger and more resilient to the physical demands of expected and unexpected forces of your specific sport is vital to safe injury-free return.

Our therapists help you understand your body, it’s current tolerance, and how to improve its tolerance for injury prevention and return to sport. Our therapists return you to sport and life with our knowledge of how our body fails, healing timelines, specific exercises for progressive loading, using technology (ie. shockwave, electrical modalities, dry needling, etc.) and techniques (manual therapy) to facilitate your body’s healing processes, and managing your body’s response to increased loading, are all processes we use to safely return you to living life active.

Physiotherapy is about empowering you with a better understanding of your body. We are ‘human body whisperers’ – interpreting your body’s responses to loading and formulating a plan with an understanding of the potential risks and benefits. Empowering our clients with knowledge means a better understanding of how your body works. This understanding translates into immediate changes in action and decision making regarding your body.

More immediate the change, the quicker you can help your body take full advantage of its healing processes and return to pain-free living. Therefore, the effects of Physiotherapy can be within the first week of treatment. Full return to function or sport can vary, generally 2 weeks to 6 months, depending on the severity of the injury. Keep active and play!

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We love our city and we love the people of downtown Vancouver. We strive to achieve goals of all levels of activity participants… couch athletes, weekend warriors to top notch athletes. Let us help you get to the top of your game.