K-Tape Application

Unlike traditional athletic tape, which is usually made of rigid cotton fibers, K-tape is made of elastic fibers, making it more versatile and easier to use than traditional athletic tape. The K-tape’s elasticity gives it the ability to be applied using various tensions, depending on the type of injury and tissue it is being applied to. One of the major benefits of K-tape is its ability to support the body while it naturally heals, without drastically restricting a person’s ability to move freely. Due to this fact, K-tape has become a more practical choice when it comes to treating everyday people of all ages for a number of medical conditions.

K Taping Therapist

Similar to athletic tape, K-tape can be most effective when it is applied by an experienced medical professional such as a physiotherapist. A K taping physio-therapist has the ability to specifically apply the K-tape based on a patient’s particular injury. There are a number of ways K-tape can be used by a medical professional, such as:

Leg K Tape Quads
Back muscles k taping
  • A supplement to manual therapy
  • Managing pain and swelling
  • Improve a person’s posture and the alignment of their body by providing proprioceptive feedback
  • In the case of athletes, K-tape can be used preemptively to reduce the likelihood of an injury at particularly vulnerable structures, such as a knee or an ankle

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