Bike fitting

Do you spend hours on your bike throughout the week? commuting, training, or wanting to get into biking, and want to optimize your biomechanics on your bike?

Bike fitting helps to achieve a good and comfortable position to optimize your posture on your bike. Making adjustments on the 5 points of contact (saddle, feet, hands) to optimize your biomechanics. Too much pelvic ‘rocking’, ‘hunched’ backs, excessive knee or hip flexion, over-reaching for your handlebars, and other common biomechanical disadvantages, repeated a kazillion times during the time you spend on your bike can cause repetitive strains on your soft tissues and joints. And this can compromise your enjoyment and ability to stay on the bike.

Until March 31, 2018, we will be offering Bike Fitting sessions with our physiotherapist for $175 to help us work out the logistics of offering this service in our clinic. If you are interested in a Bike Fitting session with our physio, please e-mail to arrange a session.

Ready To Get Started? Contact us today!

Ready to get started? Contact us today!