Recovering from your ACL Surgery

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Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are amongst the most common type of injuries affecting today’s athletes. According to the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine, about 250,000 ACL injuries occur in the USA and Canada each year. ACL injuries are usually caused by either an impact or a sudden shift in knee position; according to the American Academy of …

Registered massage therapy RMT downtown vancouver

What to expect from an RMT?

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Receiving a massage ranks up there for many people as one of the greatest joys in life. For others, it is a painful yet necessary treatment to fix a problem in the body. If you haven’t been for a massage with a registered massage therapist (Vancouver RMT) before, you might be wondering which category you fit into — someone who …


How To Prevent Back Pain

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Back pain is a common complaint and a condition that can be debilitating, but given our lifestyles, we almost expect to feel some aches and pains the older we get. And that’s for a reason, the more we sit at desks and the less active we are, the higher our chances of experiencing the inconvenience and pain that comes with …


What is a ‘Pinched Nerve’?

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We’ve all heard of a pinched nerve before, and many of us have experienced the uncomfortable sensation of one, too. But how much do you really know about the causes, symptoms and treatments of this all too common, pesky and sometimes very painful condition? Let’s start from the beginning. To understand what a pinched nerve is, we should know what …


Healing from Acute Injuries: How Long Will It Take?

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Many people, whether they are athletes or not, have suffered from or will suffer from an acute injury at some point in their life. An active lifestyle is a good thing, but with any physical activity comes the risk of injury. When people get hurt, they often have one major question on their mind, which is: When will I feel …