Adductor training – preventing injuries – Soccer, Hockey

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Hockey season is on!!! Groin pain is a common complaint for soccer players and gollies. Excessive straining of the adductor muscles with repetitive leg swings and kneeling can cause pain and discomfort at the inner leg muscles, its attachment at the pubic bone and groin line. The Holmich Protocol was initially developed to tackle ‘Sports hernia’ injuries, which can be …

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Prevention of Running Injuries

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Spring has come, and so has the running season! Do you do any preparation before going out for a run? How do you usually warm-up? What about stretching? How important is that for the prevention of injuries? To help you on your fitness journey, here are some thoughts about running warm-ups, stretching, shoe selection and strategies to prevent injury. Stretching …

sciatic nerve injury

How To Treating Your Sciatica?

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A variety of factors could cause symptoms associated with sciatica, which is an umbrella term that includes pain in the back/buttock (which may radiate down the leg), numbness in the affected area, tingling sensations and muscle weakness. Finding out the specific cause of sciatica is especially important for the proper treatment, as each cause has a different approach. Three of …

Runner's knee exercises

Runners Knee

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Running is a hobby (or sport, depending on who you ask) like no other — it’s a great way to stay in shape and see the world, it’s free to do and it brings together many likeminded people. Running, for the most part, is also safe and easy, but, if you’re not careful, it can lead to injury and cause …


How To Prevent Back Pain

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Back pain is a common complaint and a condition that can be debilitating, but given our lifestyles, we almost expect to feel some aches and pains the older we get. And that’s for a reason, the more we sit at desks and the less active we are, the higher our chances of experiencing the inconvenience and pain that comes with …


What is a ‘Pinched Nerve’?

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We’ve all heard of a pinched nerve before, and many of us have experienced the uncomfortable sensation of one, too. But how much do you really know about the causes, symptoms and treatments of this all too common, pesky and sometimes very painful condition? Let’s start from the beginning. To understand what a pinched nerve is, we should know what …


Healing from Acute Injuries: How Long Will It Take?

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Many people, whether they are athletes or not, have suffered from or will suffer from an acute injury at some point in their life. An active lifestyle is a good thing, but with any physical activity comes the risk of injury. When people get hurt, they often have one major question on their mind, which is: When will I feel …