What is e-Rehab (tele-rehabilitation) physiotherapy?

E-Rehab physio aka Tele-rehabilitation is rehab delivered using telehealth technologies, in our case video conferencing (like “Skype” or “FaceTime”), to allow you and your physiotherapist to connect to receive physiotherapy service at a distance when an in-person visit is not possible.

We give you all the wonderful service you expect or have been used to, but it’s in front of a screen. We will empower you with an understanding of your injury/pain, home care tools like home exercises, self-mobilization, and other self-management strategies.

What can I expect in e-Rehab (tele-rehabilitation) physiotherapy session?

Expect to receive the same safe, quality care that you would get during an in-person visit. Physiotherapists are expected to meet the same Standards of Practice, regardless of how the services are delivered.

Our Vancouver physiotherapist’s keen observational and assessment skills give you the best-individualized physiotherapy treatment plan to achieve your goals!

We are here to guide you through these uncertain times.

Example of physiotherapy session

Who can benefit from e-Rehab physiotherapy?

If you require physiotherapy for:

  • Movement dysfunction and Injuries: strains, sprains, neck or back pain, shoulder injuries (Rotator Cuff impingement syndrome, dislocation, etc), repetitive injuries, overload injuries, Labral tears / irritation, meniscus tear / irritation, ACL / MCL / LCL / PCL sprains, ankle sprains, and many more conditions.
  • Pre-op or post-op physiotherapy care (Hip or Knee replacements, ACL surgery, meniscus surgery, other arthroscopic surgery, spinal surgery, etc)
  • Exercise education and program
How a physiotherapy session takes place

e-Rehabilitation is appropriate

  • When it is the best available option to deliver services (limiting human interaction to limit possible transmission of COVID-19, by avoiding in-person physiotherapy sessions)
  • Therapeutic Goals of session is addressed by: evaluation, assessment, prevention, intervention, supervision, consultation, education & verbal / visual guidance, active exercise, functional progression, self mobilization, self-management instructions, or monitoring
  • Up to you and the physiotherapist to determine what is best for you, whether necessary services can be provided via e-rehabilitation, and to ensure that the benefits outweigh the risks.

Direct Billing for e-Rehab physiotherapy:

Van Sports and Physio can direct bill for e-Rehab sessions. We are here to make it as easy as possible, for you to get the care that you need to achieve your goals.

We can direct bill your e-Rehab (tele-rehabilitation) session to the following:

  • ICBC (with approved ICBC claim #)
  • WorksafeBC (with approved WorksafeBC claims. Please contact us with your WSBC claim #)
  • Extended health insurance:
    • Blue Cross
    • Canada life
    • Sun life
    • Manulife
    • Group health
    • SSQ
    • Other Insurance companies are specific to a particular policy

How e-Rehab physiotherapy works.

Please note:

  1. Our platform works best with either Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers (NOT Safari). Please ensure you have one of these installed on your computer.
  2. Please do NOT use iPad or Mobile devices** (iPhone, etc). Unfortunately, our platform does not currently support these devices, but we hope to see this feature implemented soon.

You can open your e-Rehab Virtual live session 2 ways:

**Option One**

  1. Sign into your Jane account.
  2. Go to your "Upcoming appointments"
  3. On the Right hand side by your appointment date, you will see a green button with "Begin" (this clickable button will appear close to your appointment time).
  4. Ta-Da! this should open up a window with your live camera feed and your therapist's live feed.

**Option Two**

  1. Your therapist can send you an e-mail close to your appointment time.
  2. This email's subject will be "appointment reminder." Message of the email will start with "It's almost time for your appointment" at the top and then blah blah blah details. Near the bottom of the 'short email' will be a green button "Begin Your Online Appointment".
  3. Click on the green button
  4. Ta-Da! this should open up a window with your live camera feed and your therapist's live feed.

That's it! Smile lots and get better 🙂