Joint Mobilization & Manipulation Therapy

The specialized form of manual therapy called joint mobilization involves the use of a therapist’s hands to direct pressure on a person’s muscles while manipulating their joint. Joint mobilization activates cutaneous and joint mechanoreceptors. This is accomplished by slowly moving the affected joint in specific direction(s) applying varying amplitude, speed, and force into restriction, which will serve to loosen the restricted joint and eventually increasing the patient’s ability to move without feeling strain on their muscle.

Joint mobilization and manipulation

In order to restore the smooth, unhindered motion of a patient’s joints, a manual therapist may use a manipulation technique that involves thrusting into the restrictive barrier of a joint. While this method may seem overly aggressive, it causes the patient no pain, as the joint is not pressed beyond its anatomical limit. When performed correctly, this technique allows for increased mobility and of course, a noticeable reduction of pain felt in the treated area.

Mobilization of joints

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