Manual Therapy

What is Manual Therapy

Manual therapy is primarily used by medical professionals to treat muscle and tissue pain in patients suffering from an injury or a disability. In addition to this, manual therapy can also be useful for improving the mobility of joints suffering from symptoms of various musculoskeletal conditions. By combining pain reducing techniques with the improvement of mobility in a person’s joints, manual therapy becomes a highly effective method of treating a number of issues found in the body when it is properly applied. A full assessment will determine appropriateness of manual therapy. In some cases, after assessing the degree to which a person has been injured, a medical professional may diagnose a patient with a pulled muscle, which can be treated with rest and minor massaging.

Should the pain persist in the muscle, it is likely due to a restricted joint, which can be treated by a more specific form of manual therapy known as joint mobilization.

Manual therapy practiced on patientManual leg calf therapy

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