Soft Tissue Mobilization / Release

In cases where joint mobility is fully restored, but painful muscle spasms continue to be an issue, another method of manual therapy known as soft tissue mobilization is required to decrease the remaining tension in the muscle. This is particularly important, since unchecked muscle spasms can eventually lead to further problems in the corresponding joints, which will require more therapy to fix. Reducing this tension in the muscles will also prevent other irritations caused by contracting muscle fibers and compressed blood vessels such as painful swelling.

By performing soft tissue mobilization and allowing the tension in the muscle to be released, blood flow begins to increase in the area, providing more oxygen to the muscle which is necessary to the natural healing process. This will also help reduce any build-up of scar tissue or fluid on the muscle, which can also restrict motion.

Soft tissue mobilization therapyTherapist practicing mobilization therapy on patient

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