Sports Injuries

The unfortunate truth about participation in any type of sports is the risk of suffering an injury while playing. Even a friendly game can result in a minor injury that can aggravate a person for a long time if not properly treated. Fortunately, there have been major improvements to sports injury rehabilitation in recent years, allowing people to not only return to the activities they love, but to do so without losing a step!

Sport Injury Therapy

Sports and knee injuries therapy

With regular involvement in sports and athletic training, people give themselves the opportunity to improve and enhance their physical well-being, gain confidence, and form positive relationships with coaches, trainers and teammates. As science and medicine of today continue to improve the equipment, training and injury rehabilitation associated with sports for men and women and youth of all skill levels, more people are inclined to participate than ever before. If an injury should occur, it is now far easier to get back in the game and feel more resilient in doing so thanks to the advances in such areas of medicine as physiotherapy. Thanks to these advances, there are a number of ways a physiotherapist can make use of non-operative treatments to care for a large number of injuries. Below you can find a list of common sports injuries that can be effectively treated by our experienced Vancouver physiotherapists.

  • Low back and neck pain as a result of muscle strain(s)
  • Rotator Cuff injuries
  • Dislocation (shoulder, elbow)
  • Tennis elbow (Lateral epicondylosis)
  • Golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylosis)
  • Wrist sprains
  • FOOSH (fall on out-stretched hand) ankle sprain
  • ACL sprain, MCL sprain (less common LCL sprain, PCL sprain)
  • Runner’s knee, IT band syndrome
  • Patella femoral pain syndrome (PFPS)
  • SIJ syndrome
  • Piriformis Syndrome
  • Concussion
  • Post-fracture care

Snowboard and Ski fall injuries

An injury is the last thing anyone wants to experience while playing sports, but thankfully there are more and more ways that physiotherapists can help athletes get back in the game. To find out how we can help you get off the sidelines, contact us today!

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