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What is osteopathy and where can I find osteopathic practitioner in Vancouver?Osteopathy is always focusing on your health and our Vancouver osteopathic practitioners are ready to help. It understands that your pain is just a clue that  should be tracked to the source of the problem. Based on deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology, the osteopathic practitioner investigates the causes hidden behind any symptom an individual may present.

Following a meticulous assessment of the function of every tissue of the body, such as muscle, joint, tendon, ligament, vessels, organs and membranes the osteopathic practitioner may identify and correct the underlying issue, by applying manual therapy techniques, and your symptoms will progressively diminish and eventually disappear, and the chances that it returns drop substantially

What Does An Osteopath Do?

Low Back Pain/Sciatica

Van Sports & Physiotherapy osteopathic practitioner is helping patient to relieve the lower back pain.

It is the most usual cause of work absence, and it also accounts for great emotional and financial burden. Osteopathy can identify and treat the most frequent causes of sciatica pain. Muscles, joints, discs or even organs could be the root behind these symptoms.

Jaw/Temporomandubular joint (T.M.J)

Our patient is having osteopathic jaw treatment.

If you have neck or upper back pain; if you feel your jaw clicking when you open or close your mouth; or if your jawxtarts clenching when you go to bed or right after you wake, you may need to balance your chewing muscles and release the stress over this joint. Osteopathy can do that for you.


Our osteopath is giving migraine treatment in our Vancouver facilities.

Within the most uncountable causes of headache, a few of them cannot Osteopathy. However, if you have migraines, tension-type headache, pulsing temples headache on top of your head or behind your eyes, Osteopathy may be just perfect for you.


Our Vancouver osteopath can also treat lesions caused during the practice of sports, especially when they are due to repetitive pattern of movements. Symptoms in the shoulder, back, knee, or ankles are pretty common in sports, and they can appear after long period of practice or can be connected to any imbalance of some other part of your body. Osteopathy can restore your body potential so you can get rid of these symptoms while improving your performance.

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