Registered Massage Therapists

What is an RMT Therapist

A Registered Massage Therapist is a individual that has completed at least 2 years, (2400 hours) at recognized school and a member of a regulatory college (CMTBC). In this time they are trained and complete a competency-based education recognized by the province of British Columbia. RMT’s are governed by the CMTBC to uphold the highest standards under the health professions act to deliver safe and ethical treatment.

Whether the concern is stress reduction or pain relief, research shows that massage therapy is an effective optimizer of the body’s ability to heal and repair itself. A RMT has a solid understanding of the body’s capabilities and limitations. RMT proficiencies include a variety of corrective techniques designed to deal with clinical symptoms, such as myofascial release, trigger point release, joint mobilization, and neuromuscular therapy. In a session with a Vancouver RMT, clients can expect an assessment, treatment plan, and home care for rehabilitation maintenance between treatments.

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